Best Travel Electric Toothbrushes

If you ever considered using a travel electric toothbrush, I would strongly recommend you not to get the most expensive one, but the best one. Electric toothbrushes are very amazing and have quite a lot of advantages over the regular toothbrush, which would help you achieve a lot. I bet you now wonder what kind of benefits they have over the regular toothbrush.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), brushing is the most basic foundation of good oral care. Attaining perfect oral hygiene and prevention of tooth disease is feasible by the use of the best travel electric toothbrush. Choosing an electric toothbrush will majorly depend on your pocket and preference.

Since the advent of electric toothbrushes, technology has known best to make them safe and compact. Electric toothbrushes have evolved and now come in travel size. Among many available travel brushes, quite a lot can be of inferior quality as also are many of superior quality.

As of this year, there exist many kinds of electric toothbrushes, here are a few of the best travel electric toothbrushes.  All the mentioned toothbrushes in this article have been recognized as standard. This recognition is backed by the seal of acceptance put by the American Dental Association (ADA). These brushes have been proven to be very safe and effective.

The following are the available advantages of these toothbrushes. From the available examples of toothbrushes, I would introduce you to different kinds of toothbrushes, how to use them, their accessories (i.e., charger, casing, e.t.c).

Electric toothbrushes go a long way in preserving energy and saving time. Above all, it makes the brushing activity a lot more comfortable. Philip Sonicare electric toothbrush has gained a lot of recognition over the years. Acceptance comes with a lot of buzzes, which in turn is mostly a function of the quality they provide in their toothbrushes.

What is the highly recommended electric toothbrush?

The number of dental specialists that recommend Sonicare toothbrush can be quite overwhelming, and this also proves that they are both reliable and standard above all an option worth exploring. Sonicare electric toothbrushes are essential, and a must-have if you are a prospective user of an electric toothbrush.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Travel Electric Toothbrushes:

Fairywill Electric Toothbrush (Travel case included)

Travel Electric Toothbrush with travel case included- Fairywill
Model: FW-507+420
Product overview
Fairywill is a brand that cares about creativity, stylish designs at the same time; it ensures that its product provides effective cleaning that matches the provided designs and also improves oral health.
It provides a beneficial and dynamic cleaning action that primarily reaches deep down between the teeth removing dirt at an impressive 40000 micro brush stroke per minute.

What’s in the casing?
After getting a Fairywill Model FW-507+420, here is what you would find in the case:

a. 1 Fairywill 507 Electric Toothbrush Crystal Black Handle
b. 7 Dupont Brush Heads
c. 1 Inter-Dental Brush Head
d. 1 Premium USB Charger cable
e. 1 Guide
f. 1 Protective bristle cover

Features and designs
The Fairywill FW 507+420 is a high-level oral care travel size electric toothbrush that Improves the gum health, total oral hygiene and helps fight the plaque. It has been able to accomplish all these with its intrinsic features, which includes the following

1. In addition to it, 40,000 micro brushes per minute are the two-minute smart timer with a 30-second interval pause, which allows you to shift your brushing area.
2. The Fairywill FW 507+420 is the waterproof brush, which eliminates your fear of getting shocked.
3. It provides a maximum capacity usage: A four hours charge guarantee 30 days usage.
4. Available different brush heads with rings of various colors. Which also permits the sharing of the brush handle with your family members and friends.
5. Eight brush heads in the casing. Dentists advise that your brushes are to be changed every three months, so eight brush heads really come in handy and would last as long as 24 months.
6. Anti-slip handle backed up with reduced noise so you would not have to endure the loud humming in your mouth anymore, which may cause your headache.
7. It comes with a protective bristle cover to minimize dirt and dust getting into your delicate helper.
8. This electric toothbrush has a medium soft bristle that avoids abrasion to Enamel, tooth, and gums.
9. Reduced Noise and an Anti-Slip Handle.

This brush enhances oral hygiene, helps in fighting plaque, and also reduces stress. All these features that come with this brush are made available in just one case. It houses all its features once you decide to have such quality in oral hygiene.

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Gloridea Electric Toothbrush (Great for traveling)

Gloridea Electric Toothbrush for traveling
Product overview
On a journey? Don’t forget you need to keep good breath and Oral healthy hygiene, which can be done quickly with your Gloridea travel electric toothbrush. It also comes with a remarkable 30 days usage with just 4 hours charge. Interestingly, you need not bother if your electric toothbrush would breakdown because of the high-quality part; it has a very slim and almost negligible chance to do so. Gloridea travels electric toothbrush is manufactured by a company that cares for the health and safety of the user as much as it also cares about its reputation. It guarantees 180 days full refund policy just in case you are not pleased with the product.

What’s in the package?

a. 1 Electric Toothbrush Handle
b. 4 Toothbrush heads (2 softs, one hard and one interdental brush)
c. 1 Toothbrush travel case
d. 1 Toothbrush Dust Cover
e. 1 DC USB Charging Cable (adapter not included)
f. 1 User Manual

Features and designs
Thanks to Gloridea travel electric toothbrush, tooth problem is no longer my problem as testified by one of the numerous users. With some of the characteristics of high sonic technology which allows the toothbrush a guaranteed 40,000 stroke per minute, and some other features that help in tackling plaque, gum issues, and other preventable tooth diseases.

Here are a few of its available features:

1. Long and lasting battery life
2. The additional hard brush helps to strengthen your white tooth.
3. A 30-second pause within brush time, which is a reminder for you to change the brushing range and allow covering broad areas during brushing. Inclusively a 2-minute end brushing reminder which helps develop healthy brushing habit.
4. It is waterproof, which would increase durability.
5. It offers forty thousand brush strokes per minute. Effectively remove any tooth stains you might have and prevent tooth problems. Fourteen days of usage guarantees you to have a perfectly healthy and clean tooth.
6. The brush is powered by sonic; hence, it works on a vibration phenomenon and does not revolve.
7. The brush is designed to deliver healthy teeth for just a token of dollars.

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Travel Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer and Dryer- Allegro

Electric Toothbrush designed for traveling with UV Sanitizer and Dryer- Allegro
Product overview:
If this is your first time getting an electric toothbrush, you definitely need to check the Allegro out. Also, this toothbrush will provide you with the assurance that such experience does not turn to an outright disaster. The UV sanitizer and dryer are very compact sanitary, and very stylish. Also, it features a very convenient cup that acts as a system for keeping the toothbrush clean, sterilized, dried, and also as a charging port. It is also equipped with high vibration frequency, which can be switched between modes depending on your essential needs.


1. The brush stroke per minute is in different modes, depending on what is needed at the moment.
2. Clean mode: 31000 strokes per minute
3. Sensitive mode: 20000 strokes per minute
4. Whitening mode: 30000 strokes per minute
5. It comes handy with a warranty of up to one year.
6. Compared to regular brushes it removes up to 2x more plaque
7. It has a battery life of up to 50 days
8. Minimized noise, with an automated 2-minute timer.
9. A portable travel case with absolutely takes care of the mess keeps the toothbrush germ free and always sanitized — an ideal way to maintain healthy oral hygiene.
10. It has up to 1.5x life span over the regular electric toothbrush.
11. Inductive charging

If your toothbrush takes care of your tooth, but what takes care of your toothbrush?. Well, here comes a solution. In the form of the casing for the electric toothbrush with UV sanitizer and dryer. Inserting the toothbrush in the sterilization and drying hole automatically subjects it to a 65°c temperature, which kills up to 99.72% germs within 15 minutes of subjection. Every time you need to brush your teeth, you will get a “new” toothbrush head.

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Travel Electronic Toothbrush with Wireless Charging- AquaSonic DUO Series

Travel Electronic Toothbrush with Wireless Charging- AquaSonic DUO Series
Product overview:
The Aquasonic travel electric toothbrush comes with fitting technology that enhances oral health and helps sweep deposit in an incredible and hassle-free manner. That’s great, you may wonder, but what’s even more significant is the offered 24 hrs of support and one year of coverage to aid you just in case you get a little bit confused while operating the toothbrush. The toothbrush can clean the tooth 10x better than regular toothbrushes.

Features and designs
Aquasonic Duo promises perfect white teeth in a little time as two weeks. This is a no empty promise as testimonies of users serve as irrefutable evidence. Other admirable features also include:

1. Three distinctive cleaning modes all providing various services depending on what is needed.
2. Ten dupont brush heads this will provide healthy oral hygiene and entirely for as long as 30 months and for a family of 3 would last for ten months.
3. Two custom hardshell travel case
4. 40000 VPM ultrasonic motors
5. Vibration timer notification, which prompts you when to brush new areas.
6. Wireless charging, which is fast and unlike wired charging, make them more compact
7. Aqua sonic for two: it’s a duo, unlike the most electric toothbrush.

Most electric toothbrushes come with only one rechargeable handle. Unlike the Aquasonic duo, which comes with two hence readily available for more than one user.

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Sonic Electronic Toothbrush with charging case and travel case by Lebond

Sonic Electronic Toothbrush with charging case and travel case by Lebond
Product overview:
Travels are made fun if you wear a smile while meeting new people. But how can you wear a smile when you don’t have 100 percent healthy teeth and gum? A luxury travel electric toothbrush by Lebond enables you to do that. Just as expected of travel toothbrushes, there is a portable travel case and also a charging case packaged with it.

The inductive rechargeable electric toothbrush has three modes, timer and replaceable heads suitable for both adults and kids.

What’s in the package?

a. Electric Toothbrush Handle.
b. 1 Travel Case.
c. 1 Charging Case.
d. 2 Replacement Heads,
e. 1 Protective Cap.
f. 1 USB Cable.

Features and designs

1. A clean mode which provides the uncompromising option of ultimately doing away with plaques 3x better than every other available electric toothbrush and a fantastic 10x better any regular manual toothbrush.
2. Whiten mode: These provide the unusual option of polishing teeth with inverted frequencies activated by pressing a button towards the end of your brushing session.
3. The massage mode is the last of the three available modes provided by this electric toothbrush. Applied every few days, it will procure mild micro bursts unto the gum tissue. This, in turn, aid circulation.
4. Brush bristle designed for a deep cleaning purpose
5. The compact travel case enables its ability to be easily transported

Electric toothbrushes are meant to save stress and fight plaque and offer quite a lot of advantages, unlike the manual toothbrush. The sonic electric toothbrush has a demeaning feature, which is the fact that it consumes a lot of time for charging. It takes up to 15 hours to fully charge and would last as long as 30days. If you seek an electric toothbrush that is very effective, important for oral hygiene and delivers it in such a superb style.

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Electric Toothbrush with Premium Travel Case included- Philip Sonicare 5100

Electric Toothbrush with Premium Travel Case included- Philip Sonicare 5100
Product overview:
In contrast to traditional brushes, Philip Sonicare 5100 employs the dynamics of cleaning action in oral health and terminate dirt, fight plaque, and every other unwanted bacteria that reside in the mouth. The toothbrush has well-curved brush heads that help reach between the teeth to accomplish such a complicated purpose. This electric rechargeable toothbrush offers a perfectly clean and germ-free mouth, which is what you want from an electric toothbrush.

What’s in the package?
If you were getting gifts from a friend delivered in wraps, you do not know what is inside unless you check. Here is a list of items inside the package.

a. 1 White Mint Protective Clean handle
b. 1 Optimal Gum Care brush head
c. One travel case
d. One travel charger

Features and designs
To add to the list, one of its kind is the Philip Sonicare 5100 which has several features that distinguish it from most of its pairs. The uniqueness and specialized function that Philip Sonicare 5100 has is a function of the available features it possesses. Some of these features are:

1. Brush sync: As physician bits of advice, it is a necessity to change your toothbrush every three months. Most often than not, we sometimes forget. But thanks to the fantastic feature of this brush, we can now be reminded as this feature can easily track brush usage and how hard you have been brushing.
2. It comes with a travel case that does not make only your brush easy to carry but would also hygienically store it protecting them from dust and moving microorganisms in the air.
3. Like some other electric toothbrush, the Philip Sonicare also has three different working modes. Providing you with the luxury of changing between mode and not just the boring single mode, which is not fit for all situations.
4. Brush timer: so as not to over brush and injure your gums, it is essential to time your brushing. But you don’t have a stopwatch for such timing this brush efficiently does that.

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Portable Electric Toothbrush designed for traveling by Gevilan

Travel Size Electric Toothbrush designed for traveling by Gevilan
Product overview:
Have you heard about an electric toothbrush that delivers all your brush action, in addition to its portability, also cleans and provides 100% percent protection from germ and plaque? This toothbrush can last as long as possible.

What’s included?
The Gavilan toothbrush comes in a package that equips you with an electric toothbrush and much other necessary equipment which aligns with the toothbrush to accomplish the sole purpose of oral hygiene.

a. One toothbrush handle
b. Two pro results
c. Two replacement brush heads
d. 1 Product manual specification

Features and design

1. Suitable for travel. Very compact 16cm in size.
2. Sonic vibration technology -produces a vibration frequency of up to 18000 strokes per minute with an amplitude depth of 5mm, which would thoroughly clean your mouth.
3. Dupont bristles bringing as close to the month the relieving sensation you get from only a SPA
4. Provide two unique cleaning mode
5. Waterproof, which means that you can comfortably use them in a shower.
6. This electric toothbrush comes with a battery that can use up to 30 days.
7. The modes available in this toothbrush are clean and sensitive, which you can choose between. At different conditions and estimates, the need for the teeth might very as one may want to shuffle between mild and gentle scrubbing to harsh scrubbing. It would be easier now provided the two available options.
8. The product is very cost-effective: a company not rallying amongst the big names company is most expected to do inferior service, but they differ from that speculation.
9. Prime brush heads: These travel toothbrush head and bristle are from Dupont, and they deliver a superb massage for thorough cleaning of your mouth and gum.

This toothbrush does not come with an inbuilt battery; instead; it requires only one AAA battery, which has to be bought separately from the brush.

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Travel by MUTTUS

Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Travel by MUTTUS
Product overview:
The Muttus travel electric toothbrush comes with abruptly great technology that improves oral health and helps sweeps deposit in a hassle-free and magnificent process. Incredible, you may wonder, but what’s even more impressive is the three different modes available in the muttus travel electric toothbrush.

What’s in the box?

a. Five Modes
b. Fifteen Brushing Experiences
c. Travel Case Enabler
d. Deep Clean & Rechargeable handle
e. IP67 Waterproof & PDA Certificated.
f. One Electric Toothbrush Main Body
g. One Sonic Toothbrush Charger
h. One Electric Toothbrush USB Line
i. One Sonic Toothbrush User Menu
j. One Electric Toothbrush Travel Box
k. One Sonic Toothbrush White Box
l. One Electric Toothbrush Brush Head

Features and designs

1. The electric toothbrush has different modes, which makes it readily available for any task you want per time.
2. At different modes, this electric brush provides you with different brushing experience and different micro brush per minute as listed below:
3. The Clean: 38000 Times / Min
4. Polish: 31000 Times / Min
5. White: 28000-38000 Times / Min
6. Sensitive: 28000-38000 Times / Min
7. Massage: 28000-38000 Times / Min
8. Once fully charged, it can last you up to 20 days of daily usage.
9. It uses wireless inductive charging so you do not have to worry about forgetting an extra set of cables.
10. The waterproof function which will ensure your safety if you love to brush your teeth while bathing.
11. It has a weight of 119g, which makes it light usable.
12. It also provides high quality brushing with a negligible amount of noise. Some other electric brush would emit a sound similar to that of a blender.
13. Waterproof designed that gives a whooping advantage of not getting shocked while using just in case you spill water on it.
14. Unlike most travel size electric toothbrushes, it offers five intelligent modes which give you the opportunity of choosing between clean, polish, white, sensitive, and massage. It is a luxury travel-size toothbrush.

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush for family travel by LACHEN

Sonic Electric Toothbrush for family travel by LACHEN
Product Overview:
Lächen sonic electric toothbrush(RM-T8) has clinically proven to have removed tooth stains and leftover food particles much more effectively than any manual toothbrush. Also available are different crushing modes, which are three (3) and intensities adjustment. It has a built-in smart timer and quad pacer, which enables it to help improve brushing as it helps with timing and brushing pause. It is also used to remind you of changing the brushing area. USB induction charging stand, which can be connected to either laptop, mobile chargers, etc.

What’s in the package?

a. 4 DuPont Bristles Heads
b. 2 Soft Pro Results Clean Brush Heads for daily use, which fit the tooth curve and brush tongue.
c. 2 Diamond Clean Brush Heads for whitening and polishing your teeth.

Features and designs
A lot of users of this toothbrush seem to wonder how much service they can get from just a little toothbrush as this brush. Just like a few others can provide much more than the manual toothbrush. Quite a lot of characteristic features contribute to the uniqueness of this brush, and they are:

1. Three excellent modes: we all can tell that the brushing requirement of children differs significantly from that of an adult. These different per time requirements can be selected easily on a brush. These modes are clean, whiten, and sensitive. The number of brushstroke per minute depends on the selected mode.
2. The intensity of the brushing is also optional and unlike many electric toothbrushes, it can be adjusted by pressing ‘+’ and ‘-‘
3. The surfaces of the brush are skin-friendly
4. Thirty seconds prompt, which will indicate the need to choose a new brushing area that way, you can cover a lot of areas while brushing.
5. A long battery life. Three hours charging gives you 60 days of usage.

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HIEIE Electric Toothbrush with Exquisite Travel Case

HIEIE Travel Electric Toothbrush with Exquisite Travel Case
Product Overview:
HIEIE SONIC ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH provides you with a new best brushing experience. With very sleek and comfy outer casing, which is made of IpX7 waterproof material which is washable. One experience not worth having is getting electrocuted while trying to maintain good oral hygiene. HIEIE toothbrush head is made of superb quality Dupont nylon brush and softer texture that is comfortable to use. It also has a tooth-like design, which is not just for a mere design purpose, but rather to ensure swift movement between the tooth and absolute removal of stain, plaque, and any unhelpful food particle.

So, what is in the package?
If you wish to purchase this travel-size electric toothbrush, then here is what you would find in the package

a. One HIEIE Sonic Electric Toothbrush body
b. Two Replaceable Electric Toothbrush Heads
c. One Portable travel size box
d. One USB Cable with Adapter
e. One Instruction Manual

Features and designs
The functionalities of this brush, as you would agree with me is quite amazing. So how it does its fantastic functions and why it does so many surprising things usually is not an unexpected question. So let’s take a peek at the features that grant this ability.

1. What’s electric without electricity? Well, the most crucial feature of an electric toothbrush should be its battery capacity, and this HIEIE has a breathtaking capacity. As with a full charge, you can go as long as one month.
2. It is equipped with inductive charging for you to charge safer and faster.
3. No need to hum rhymes or counting numbers silently to time your brushing no more. HIEIE sonic electric toothbrush has a built-in two-minute timer with a 30-second smart reminder.
4. It can shuffle between 15 different modes.

Too much mode might confuse newbies who are new to an electric toothbrush

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What’s your decision?

If your oral hygiene is essential to you, then you would always seek ways to maintain it. Getting an electric toothbrush is a giant step in maintaining such hygiene, all at reduced stress.

Helpful technologies like the Philip Sonicare electric toothbrush helps you keep your teeth and fight plaque and all kinds of disease that comes with unhealthy teeth. Make that decision today by doing what’s best for your oral health.


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